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The why/what/how of our work uses workshops as a place for discovery. We explore concepts like language, binary thinking, and gender in a hands-on, small-group format. Our time together is productively pragmatic, meaning we aren’t going to fluff things with nebulous, overly-academic ideas that are too obtuse to implement at your organization. 


Dorothy’s facilitator makes the most of our time together with an approach that investigates ideas in a safe environment that welcomes curiosity. 


Build understanding

Gain knowledge of an idea through Q&A, assessing your bias, and talking through assumptions with peers. Use activities like scenario planning to practice what you’re learning in real-time.


Look for

Explore context to see how fundamental principles relate to each other and how you can transfer what you’re learning to different situations.


Develop your POV

Get comfortable with how you perceive the idea. Make the idea visible by getting more fluent with how you talk about it with others.


With an approach to DEI that is decidedly non-Western, Dorothy grounds workshops by bringing people together to share ideas, spark creativity, ask questions, and get comfortable with more than one answer. Things start off with these two workshops. 

1   Gender

Gender is made up of individual elements that create our sense of self and how we associate with each other. Gender roles, social norms, and how we behave in a traditionally male-dominated setting; it's complex stuff! Individually and collectively, these create how society expects us to act, speak, dress, and how we conduct ourselves. This workshop talks about the intersections that compose our identity, including gender, sexuality, culture, race, and orientation.

2   Queer language

As the foundation of how we interact with others, we use language to show our admiration for someone, express concerns, and share our feelings. From generation to generation, a common language evolves, and we also make decisions — consciously and unconsciously — about what we take with us and what gets deemed antiquated. In this workshop, we’ll talk through examples of queer language, the lineage of some prevalent terms and phrases, and evaluate appropriation and acceptance.


We bring together people to share ideas, spark their creativity, ask questions and realize there won't always be a single answer. Over time, you’ll see that you’re getting comfortable with how there aren’t pass/fail grades to mark your progress.  

This is a fundamental culture shift, and it takes practice. The workshops are styled in a way that are fun while nourishing your growth. It's a healthy living diet that we're very proud of. 

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We offer many of our services online! You can get the strategic support you need, sign up for workshops, and lots more. 

Starting in August, Dorothy is offering online workshops that cover topics such as Queer Language and Gender. We'll be adding more workshops based on this cohort's input, so be sure to let us know what you'd like to see. Signup below!

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