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Too often, middle managers and people leaders get told they can't prioritize DEI work for their teams, or don't get a reasonable budget to spend on DEI programming. 

We think that change should start in the middle. We want to know how your organization is doing and what you'd like to see change. CEOs and senior leaders need to know that the expectations at work have changed, and we want to call them into cultural development that makes your organization one that celebrates inclusion.

The assessment is:

  • About 5-8 minutes long

  • 100% anonymous. Your answers are only shared with Dorothy

  • evaluates how your organization is doing with inclusivity

  • includes 8 yes/no questions and 2 short answer questions

  • an anonymous summary of your responses can be sent to managers and executives at your organization in an email that you will have a chance to review before it's sent

  • is intended to celebrate inclusion, spark ideas, and encourage cultural growth!

First, introduce yourself & tell us about your organization
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