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advocacy alert: anti-LGBTQ bills

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Hi everyone, Zeb here.

As of late February, HRC counted 340 anti-LGBTQ bills at the state level, 150 targeting trans people. As of today, we're close to 400 bills.

Four. Hundred. Anti-LGBTQ. Bills.

What are the specifics of these bills, you ask?

  • Bills that prevent trans youth from access to age-appropriate healthcare. Two such bills from Utah and South Dakota have already passed into law.

  • Anti-trans bills disguised as anti-drag bills. These use base stereotypes of over-sexualizing artists and preventing common family-friendly things like reading books to kids.

  • Bills that censor in-school discussions of LGBTQ people and issues.

  • Bills that prevent trans students from participating in school activities and force teachers to out students.

The last one is particularly hard for me. Many of you know my story, growing up deeply closeted and terrified of being outed. If I had been outed during my childhood, I doubt I'd be here today, writing this request to you.

Yesterday, as I sat nervously scratching my eyes out and scrolled with festering anger, I stumbled upon a post about a Nebraska senator three weeks into a filibuster over a trans bill. I thought, "omg, someone needs to do a meal chain or something for her, this is so badass."

Then I realized something: friends of Dorothy are bad-ass people that raise their hands and get involved, even with the smallest of gestures. Our organization's ultimate goal is all about creating activists — which means you are actively working towards a better world, doing anything from protesting to writing a letter.

So, I'm asking you to write a letter Take 10 minutes and show support. Be a badass.

Gimme your address and Dorothy will send you a (free) packet with stamps, envelopes, postcards, and scripts. You will scribe a quick message to people like Nebraska Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, sharing your support and gratitude.

After Sen Cavanaugh, you can send them to whoever you want, showing support and solidarity or sharing your story. Send 'em to all sides of the political spectrum. You can do this. We need to show our collective power, and Dorothy will continue to share ideas with you.

In solidarity + badassery,


PS: plz share this with your friends and colleagues, OK?


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