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We harness the power of the internet to bring you a bevy of packages, courses, and consulting that can be a mix of online and off or online only. These DEI packages are set to bring inclusion to life in your organization in a real-world, practical way. It's more than just talk, folks. 

Browse the offerings, find what's right for you, and book a 1-hour introduction call to get things started. 


With a decidedly non-Western DEI approach, Dorothy grounds workshops by bringing people together to share ideas, spark creativity, ask questions, and get comfortable with more than one answer. Here are two examples of our foundational workshops.

1   Gender

Our gender is made up of elements that relate to each other, creating our sense of self and how we relate with others. Gender roles, social norms, and how we behave in a traditionally male-dominated setting; all of these represent how society expects us to act, speak, dress, and how we conduct ourselves. This workshop talks about the intersections that compose our identity, including gender, sexuality, culture, race, and orientation.

2   Queer language

As the foundation of how we interact with others, we use language to show our admiration for someone, express concerns, and share our feelings. From generation to generation, a common language evolves, and we also make decisions — consciously and unconsciously — about what we take with us and what gets deemed antiquated. In this workshop, we’ll talk through examples of queer language, the lineage of some prevalent terms and phrases, and evaluate appropriation and acceptance.


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